CBW Model United Nations 2.0

"For those who don't need a break"



 MUN stands for ‘Model United Nations Conference’

The actual UN, which is an organization with 195 countries being its members who send their representatives (Delegates) to UN Conferences to discuss and find solutions on International problems.

A MUN is a ‘Model’ of that ‘United Nations Conference’, Where students discuss and debate upon International issues as Delegates of different countries that are allotted to them.


  1. Students Research on their allotted country and acquire knowledge about it which they discuss in the committee sessions
  2. Every single student has researched and prepared as a delegate of a different country which he/she discusses in the conference. This way every student gets the knowledge of all 195 countries which would have been impossible if they were to research upon all the countries on their own.
  3. Student develop their Communication, Leadership, Diplomatic, Public Speaking and Social Skills
  4. Such Conferences are a huge Boost to General knowledge of students.
  5. While trying to solve the problems related to the agenda of the committee, Students brainstorm and often come up with ideas that might become a Market opportunity for the student in the future.
  6. Students also learn how to make Documentations and presentations of their work. These Documentations aren’t necessary for each Delegate but do have marks towards victory.
  7. MUN is an Internationally recognized concept and achievement certificates of such conferences have high value during placements since such certificates represent Communication, Leadership, Diplomatic, Public Speaking and Social Skills of applicants and also their involvement in extra-curricular.
  8. MUN Conferences even offer an entirely different Career Option. People with enough MUN experience can become judges in those conferences and earn good pay while touring various cities where these conferences occur.
  9. MUN is also a great opportunity to meet new people who have a great skill set because Participants need to collaborate with each other and need votes. Victory is achieved diplomatically.
  10. Rewards for a MUN also include great cash prizes and valuable Certificates.
  11. Stationery, projectors, mic systems, During the Conference meals and a grand celebration socials party, is provided by the organizers.


  1. We provide international standards quality debating experience and conference level.
  2. We have 5 International committees for classic MUN lovers.
  3. We have 2 Double delegation committees for team workers.
  4. We have 3 Indian committees for those who love debating in Hindi with an atmosphere like Lok Sabha, Amongst which One committee focuses on mutual collaborations between states of  Haryana and Punjab, Another that replicates a historical scenario of 1991 Economic crisis while the last one for Classic All India Political party meet experience.
  5. We have 2 fictional Committees for those who could gain public speaking confidence while talking about their own interests.
  6. We Have an International press committee for those who Have an interest in Photography and Content writing.
  7. Almost all of the Delegation fee charged to applicants is channelized towards facilities and cash prizes provided to delegates and remaining on promotions of the event.
  8. We provide a complete and appropriate Venue setup for the conference Committees, ceremonies, and socials.
  9. Registrations Helpline before the conference is available.
  10. Allotment verification helplines for students to apply for leaves in instructions or examination exemption assistance is available.
  11. Travel Plan assistance before and during the conference is available.
  12. Personalized helplines are available before and during the conference.
  13. Training Workshops available on 21st December, to guide and enable each student to achieve victory upon giving in enough effort.
  14. Accommodation Venue would be a decent hotel with high-quality share rooms starting from as low as INR400 and individual rooms ranging up to INR1500 only at highly discounted rates.
  15. Opening Ceremony would consist of an Executive Board interaction session, Where Delegates can learn from experiences of their judges and ask questions, clarify doubts.
  16. We provide High-quality Files, Pens, Notepads, Chit Pads and individual Id cards to each Delegate during the conference.
  17. Six-time buffet system meals and Continuous Supply of water bottles is available during the conference.
  18. Well experienced, qualified and reputed judges are available.
  19. We will give personalized attention to every delegate and make sure they are given ample opportunities to present their views, Our Executive Board will also help them develop their communication skills and provide them with confidence to speak in front of others.
  20. A grand Socials party with unlimited snacks and soft drinks will be organized for the Delegates.
  21. Great Trophies, Medals, and Cash prizes are available for the Delegates to be given during the Closing Ceremony.


In Summer Vacations 2019, I visited over 15 cities, Participated and earned Merit Status in 8 MUN Conferences, 2 other competitions and an Internship in Mumbai. I had earned incentives worth more than 1 Lakh Rupees but touring the entire country was a even greater accomplishment. That is what someone can achieve if they utilize every ounce of their time.

CBWMUN is “for those, who do not need a break”, from their journey on the path to success.

In all the MUNs I have been a part of, there was a compromise on one part or another. When I decided to host my own MUN, One thing was certain. There would be no compromise and it has to be perfect. It has to be, the best MUN ever.



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